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Timeline - Greece
Timeline - Crete


Personalities 1941

Greek Personalities - 1941

Political 1936 - 1941

  • King George II – King of Greece during World War II

  • General Ioannis Metaxas – Military dictator – appointed by the King in 1936. President of the Council. Metaxas had been a student of the Prussian military academy. Died 29th January 1941

  • Alexander Koryzis – President of the Council upon the death of General Metaxas 29th January 1941 suicided …April 1941

  • Nicholas Papademas – Minister of War

  • A. Apostolides – Minister of Finance

  • John Arvanitis – Minister of National Economy

  • Nikolaos Mavroudis – Permanent Undersecretary for Foreign Affairs

  • Alex Kyrou – head of the Greek Foreign Ministry

  • Constantine Maniadakis – Chief of Police and Undersecretary for public security

  • Georgios Merkoures – former Greek cabinet minister

  • Papavassiliou – Naval Undersecretary

  • Theologos Nikoloudis – Undersecretary for Press and Tourism


  • Emil Vrisakis – Honorary Consul General of Greece in Sydney

  • John Politis – Greek Ambassador to Rome

  • Charalambros Simopoulos – Greek Ambassador to Britain

  • Alexander Rizo-Rangabe – Greek Ambassador to Germany

  • Admiral Perikles Argyropoulos – Greek Ambassador to Spain

  • Colonel Apokoritis – Greek military attachι to Turkey


  • General Alexander Papagos – Commander-in-Chief of the Greek Armed Forces

  • Colonel Petinis – Chief of Staff of the Army of Northern Greece

  • General Ioannis Pitsikas – Commander of the Epirus Army/ Commander of the Western Macedonian Army (III and IV Army Corps)

  • General Georgios Tsolakoglou – Commander of the III Army Corps, mutinied and signed an armistice with Commander of the SS “Adolf Hitler” Division in Epirus on 20th April 1941. Tsolakoglou became quisling Prime Minister of a government installed by the Germans under occupation.

  • General Kotoulas – Commander of the Central Macedonian Army: the two Greek divisions in the Vermion mountains north of Veria: [the Greek forces on the Aliakmon line -headquarters at Kozani

  • Major General Christos Karassos, G.O.C. Central Macedonian Army Group - replaced General Kotulas at the Kozani Greek Army headquarters, after complaint lodged by General Thomas Blamey to General Papagos

  • General Konstantinos Bakopoulos – Commander of the Greek forces on the Metaxas line

  • General Kosmas – Commander of the I Greek Army Corps


  • Panayotis Kanellopoulos – 1902-86 Greek writer and political leader. A professor of sociology at the Univ. of Athens he was in the resistance and in the Government-in-Exile he served as deputy premier and war minister.