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Timeline - Greece
Timeline - Crete


Personalities 1941

Australian Personalities - 1941


Australian War Cabinet - made up of National-Liberal and Labour members of parliament

  • Robert Menzies - Prime Minister

  • Sir Percy Spender – Minister of Defence

  • Sir Henry Gullet – Minister of Information

  • Frederick Shedden - Secretary of the Department of Defence

  • Rt. Hon Sir Arthur Fadden KCMG - Treasurer and Member of the Australian War Cabinet 1940-41, Prime Minister Aug-Oct 1941.


  • General Sir Thomas Blamey – Commander of 1st Australian Corps

  • Brigadier Sydney Rowell – Blamey’s Chief of Staff in the Middle East

  • Lieutenant Colonel John Rogers – Blamey’s senior Intelligence Officer in Greece

  • Major General Iven McKay – Commander of the 6th Australian Division

  • Colonel Alex Sheppard – General Iven McKay’s Liaison Officer– spoke Greek and French. His liaison area was V-shaped zone between the Vevi gap, Mackay’s Headquarters at Soti, Greek Headquarters in the town of Kozani and the Veria Pass

  • Brigadier George Vassey or ‘Bloody’ George – Commander 19th Brigade

  • Captain T. Luxton – liaison officer - 19th Brigade HQ

  • Lieutenant Reg Holmes- intelligence officer –19th Brigade

  • Brigadier ‘Tubby’ Allen – Commander 16th Brigade

  • Lieutenant C. Norman. Swinton – Liaison Officer 16th Brigade Headquarters

  • Captain Lovell – intelligence officer 16th Brigade

  • Brigadier Savige – Commander 17th Brigade

  • Lieutenant Ian Lowen - Liaison officer 17th Brigade HQ

  • Corporal G. [George?] J. Caling of the 2/2nd battation - could speak Greek and was used as an interpreter by Chilton his commanding officer

  • Ian Sabey - intelligence officer in Greece under Brigadier John Rogers and Ken Wells

  • Robert Roy Vial - 2/7th Infantry Battalion- assigned as intelligence officer to 6th Div Headquarters in Greece

  • Lieutenant Fleming – Intelligence officer to Mitchell who was commanding officer of 2/8th Battalion- 19th Brigade